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Liland-founder-Roland-Chan-Sr-and-Roland-Chan-JrWhen Roland S. Chan decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and become an entrepreneur, he never imagined that the organization he started in the spring of 1993 would have endured as long as it has, nor have such an important meaning to so many lives across the province of Ontario.  After nearly 20 years in senior management at the Toronto Transit Commission and several ventures, Roland and his wife Lilia launched Liland Insurance Inc.  The mission was simple: To transform lives.

Fast forward to today, the Liland Insurance Inc. family is comprised of over 100 team members and services over 55,000 clients across the Greater Toronto Area.  Thousands of families and small businesses have benefited from the life insurance and investment products Liland has offered over the years.  We’ve put tens of millions of dollars back into the hands of the people who need it most, when they need most.  Moreover, those millions not only protected generations of loved ones and businesses, but those same funds ultimately cycle back into the economy.

Liland’s good work hasn’t gone unnoticed.  We’ve been recognized by some of the largest manufacturers of insurance in our industry for our high performance.  That includes being the Leading Agency in the Country for Industrial-Alliance, the 4th largest insurer in Canada, for a record 16 straight years.

This success can only be contributed to the rich culture that Roland created that has allowed Liland to stand the test of time.  The commitment to not only collect talent, but to foster a family-oriented environment where advisors are not only licensed, motivated and trained, but equally respected and loved.

Today, Liland’s mission hasn’t wavered.  Improving the lives of both clients and advisors is chiefly the responsibility of Liland’s next generation of management.  Roland Jr., Liland’s Director of Operations, continues to lead the team into it’s next chapter, ensure that Liland’s tradition of unparalleled customer service continues, and grow the organization organically by finding individuals who share our purpose of transforming lives.

Browse the pages on our site and take a look at our family of advisors.  Partnering with them could be the most important decision you’ll make in your lifetime.


The Liland Team 2013

The Liland Team, 2013